June 3, 2011

Ode to Leaning Shed

Dear Leaning Shed, you did lean
Old photos of you, I did clean
You stood until you stood no more
You’re faded color I did restore  
But not too much, not too much at all
Going over the top can result in a fall

These images were taken with Kodachrome slide film. Like Leaning Shed, Kodachrome suffered a long and steady decline. Manufactured by Kodak from the 1930’s until 2009, it was pretty much the only film to ever use complex, K-14 processing which is subtractive. The film is coated with three layers of ordinary black-and-white silver halide gelatin emulsion, each layer sensitive to 1/3 of the color spectrum basically red, blue and green. Each layer of color is processed and the emulsion washed away leaving only pure color particles. Red, blue and green color spectrums, all separated…sound familiar? Digital RGB is a virtual representation of this same principle. Poetic isn’t it?